Thank you for visiting my website. This home page is a blog where you can see my recent paintings, exhibitions, and musings. I hope you share my love of North Yorkshire, its coast, woodlands and moors. You can browse here safely. There is no “buy now” button. No pressure. But if you really like something you see here, please contact me. I can post paintings to you.

Visits to my rather untidy home studio are by appointment only, when and as allowed by government guidelines. People who buy my artwork are looking for the beauty and peace they experience when standing in a landscape. My approach to painting is primarily contemplative, naturalistic yet stylised. If you prefer to see before you buy, I can reserve paintings until you can view them (please phone me on 01287 643030).

The stripey fields.

There doesn’t seem to be any reliable map-making equipment in my brain, so I get lost very easily. Therefore I cannot tell you exactly where this is. Somewhere near Commondale, in North Yorkshire… I found these stripey fields striking and arresting, and so I stopped and looked and sketched. And then I painted. And now it’s done, and already reserved. Now sold!


P.S. I saw a friend’s photograph of the snowy fields near his home. It looks very different under a mantle of snow, but I recognised the buildings. Yes, this is in Commondale, just above the village.

This commission, painted in November/December, has now arrived in its new home. Here it is: Glaisdale Dale, looking towards Whitby. A bit of the North Yorkshire moors…


A good start of the year for me. So much to be grateful for…
A painting delivered, another one sold, another in the thinking stage, another in incubation.
Tax returns done.
Snow! (Just for one day).
Hearing from my uncle that a French writer I know is recovering, after two weeks in an induced coma with a ventilator. (Yes, that was the best news. 🙂)
Anyway. All that as well as shelter, food, friendship and love. I am a lucky girl.
I know it is impossible to escape bad news, but I hope you will all have some good news on everyday of the year.

And even if nothing is perfect, we can, in our own way, make the world a bit brighter.

Thank you.

Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout 2020. It really means a lot to me. Maybe this is the first time you look at my website (in which case, hello! I hope you like my work). Or maybe you look in from time to time (and if you have bought my artwork, thank you!). It has been a tough year for everyone, and for creatives too.

Next year… Staithes Art Festival in September 2021 has already been cancelled, so I just don’t know if there will be any art fairs, but some galleries are still open (when they are allowed to be). We need to be aware and prudent, yet we need to support each other. We do live in interesting times… Careful now.

I hope that wherever you are, you had a merry little Christmas, and that as the year draws to a close, you find peace, joy in small things, and trees.

Lythe Bank.

I love going down that steep Lythe Bank over Sandsend, and catching that first sight of Whitby. After all these years, it still gives me a thrill.
I painted that view a few years ago, and couldn’t resist painting it again, from higher up. I finished it at the end of October, and I’ve since been busy with a commission of Glaisdale.

2 December 2020. Re-opening!

From today, small shops are allowed to open to the public. I’m pleased to say that, from today, you can now see and buy my work from Seagull gallery in Filey. Do click on the link to see my paintings: https://sites.google.com/view/seagullgallery/artists/clothylde-vergnes

White Sun. oil on canvas, 70x100cm , in Seagull Gallery, Filey.

I’ve been busy in November, working on a moorscape commission. Nearly done, but still some details to fiddle with… I won’t display it until it is finished and has been shown to my patrons. Maybe another week?…


I tentatively ordered calendars, at the beginning of the month. I will be re-ordering calendars before December as all the ones I ordered were sold or reserved straight away. Please email: clo@clothylde.com if you’d like to reserve one (or more) by Friday 27 November. Thank you.

If you are buying calendars as a gift, let me know and I can send them directly to your friend or family, and I’ll enclose a note telling them they are from you. £12.50 each (free delivery within the UK).

PS. 2 December. A huge Thank you! to all those who ordered a calendar. I expect they will arrive before the end of the week, and will be posted on Monday.

That warm feeling when someone buys two of your paintings, and is so pleased with them that he also gives you a bottle of Champagne… This has never happened before, maybe I’m getting better. I do have exceedingly kind patrons.