Thank you for visiting my website. This home page is a blog where you can see my recent paintings, exhibitions, and musings. I hope you share my love of North Yorkshire, its coast, woodlands and moors. You can browse here safely. There is no “buy now” button. No pressure. But if you really like something you see here, please contact me. I can post paintings to you.

You can see my work in a few galleries in North Yorkshire. Please see the “Galleries & Exhibitions” page, and check their details for opening days and times.

Visits to my rather untidy home studio are by appointment only, when and as allowed by government guidelines. I prefer to carry on being careful, even when allowed to be not so careful… People who buy my artwork are looking for the beauty and peace they experience when standing in a landscape. My approach to painting is primarily contemplative, naturalistic yet stylised. If you prefer to see before you buy, I can reserve paintings until you can view them (please phone me on 01287 643030).

Happy Solstice!
Here is my latest painting. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks, it seems fitting that it should be finished today.

PS. 23 June 21. Now reserved for G.R.

Bluebell Woods

I finally met some friends, after so many long months, for a walk through bluebell woods. The greyness and harsh frosts a few weeks ago, made way to sunshine and warmth, friendship and flowers, in the last few days of that merry month of May.

Thank you to all of you who visited the exhibition at RHS Harlow Carr. It went very well, and Brigantia is planning another exhibition there next year.

Hope. oil paint on bevelled canvas, 30x30cm

Hope. This is my latest one.
It is so cold and grey, outside, today.
I painted this little one when the sun shone through. And now it warms my eyes. I love yellow.
It is just a little cutting of an Anthurium plant my neighbour gave me (I call it Arthur, to remind me of its proper name). I hope the cutting takes so that I can give it to a friend. I hope the sun shines again. I hope I can see my friends again. I hope that there is hope for each of us.

Brigantia exhibition at RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate.

The Brigantia exhibition is on until 13 May. If you would like to see it, please note that to limit the number of visitors, visits must be booked in advance, so you will need to book your arrival time slot (once you are in, you can stay in the gardens until closing time). This week is already fully booked for slots before 4pm (this is no surprise, as the gardens are stunning in the Spring sunshine), but there are available slots next week. The exhibition is in the Bath House, near Betty’s Tea rooms. Here is a link to the RHS website, where you can book your visit: https://www.rhs.org.uk/gardens/harlow-carr/articles/visiting-the-garden?

April Joy. oil on canvas, 40x40cm


While Nature brings us new flowers everyday, work in the studio also marches on. I did finish that commission of Filey, and she loves it! She told me she put this painting in her bedroom, so that everyday the first thing she sees is blue sky…

I have also been painting some of the flowers in my garden, a mini series of iris persica in different media, including a first attempt at silverpoint. And carrying on with gouache on larger wood panels, February and March flowers. I am hoping that lockdown will be lifted as planned, then some of these paintings will be exhibited in the Bath House, RHS Harlow Carr (Harrogate) from 12 April to 13 May.

The March of Spring.

And so March comes around again… I’ve been busy painting a commission, and watching out for those shoots of hope emerging in the garden. This year, the first flower to unfurl after the snow, when even the snow drops kept their petals closed, was this little iris persica. I just couldn’t resist drawing it. In these strange times, it is good to look at Nature, and accept each of her marvels as a gift to treasure.

The stripey fields.

There doesn’t seem to be any reliable map-making equipment in my brain, so I get lost very easily. Therefore I cannot tell you exactly where this is. Somewhere near Commondale, in North Yorkshire… I found these stripey fields striking and arresting, and so I stopped and looked and sketched. And then I painted. And now it’s done, and already reserved. Now sold!


P.S. I saw a friend’s photograph of the snowy fields near his home. It looks very different under a mantle of snow, but I recognised the buildings. Yes, this is in Commondale, just above the village.

This commission, painted in November/December, has now arrived in its new home. Here it is: Glaisdale Dale, looking towards Whitby. A bit of the North Yorkshire moors…


A good start of the year for me. So much to be grateful for…
A painting delivered, another one sold, another in the thinking stage, another in incubation.
Tax returns done.
Snow! (Just for one day).
Hearing from my uncle that a French writer I know is recovering, after two weeks in an induced coma with a ventilator. (Yes, that was the best news. 🙂)
Anyway. All that as well as shelter, food, friendship and love. I am a lucky girl.
I know it is impossible to escape bad news, but I hope you will all have some good news on everyday of the year.

And even if nothing is perfect, we can, in our own way, make the world a bit brighter.