The moors are awesome, vast spaces where one feels at the top of the world. Forbidding in winter, lying under their mantle of snow, I love them in August, cloaked in heather and ling.

Sold. Glaisdale. 60x120cm.
 Danby Castle on the hillside, heather above.
Sold. Danby. oil on deep edge canvas, 50x100cm.
Sold. Rosedale III. oil on canvas, 40x100cm. £625 (Reserved for C.S. May 2020)
Rutmoor Beck II. £425.
Sold. RutMoor Beck. 8×20″. £425.
Westerdale. 8×20″. £325.
Sold. Red Orb. 8×20″. £225.
Moortop Sun Rays. oil. 8×20″. £225.
Sold. Hill. oils on canvas. 8×24″. £125.
Sold. Rosedale II. oil on canvas, 50x100cm. £625.
Rosedale I. £325.
Westerdale. oil on canvas, 30x100cm. £575.
oil on canvas, 20x50cm. sold
acrylics on canvas, 20x50cm, £225
High Hamer. 30x80cm. £325. Sold.
Westerdale. 40x120cm. Sold.
Boulby Cliff Top. £425.
Westerdale. sold.
Maybeck. 2012. oil on canvas, 50x70x4cm, £425.
Maybeck. oil on canvas, 50x70x4cm, £525.
Rosedale. oils on canvas. Currently in Coast gallery, Cloughton
Rosedale. oils on canvas. sold
Heather Moors. 20x28cm. Sold. Limited edition of 125 signed and numbered archival prints. in 12×16″ mount: £50. ready to fit in standard 12×16″ frame.
Rutmoor Beck. Acrylic inks on paper, topped with glass cabochon. 30mm. £42.

Prints from my moorscapes:

Moors II. Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered archival prints. £75.
Rosedale III. A4 Print. £12.50.
A4 Print. £12.50