Thank you for visiting my website. This home page is a blog where you can see my recent artworks, exhibitions, and musings. You can browse here safely. There is no “buy now” button. No pressure. But if you really like something you see here, please contact me. I can post paintings to you. If you prefer to see before you buy, I can reserve paintings until you can view them (please phone me on 01287 643030).

Visits to my rather untidy home studio are by appointment only. I prefer to carry on being careful, even when allowed to be not so careful… People who buy my paintings are those who share my love of art and of North Yorkshire: its coast, woodlands and moors. My approach to painting is primarily contemplative, naturalistic yet stylised, looking for the beauty and peace one experiences when immersed in Nature.

You can see my work in a few galleries in North Yorkshire. Please see the “Galleries & Exhibitions” page, and check their details for opening days and times.

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