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If you are looking for something to make your eyes and your walls happy for many years, on this page you can see all the paintings for sale. Click on an image to see details, size and price. Click image again to return to this page.

You can also see the drop-down menu under “More Paintings” to select a subject (eg Moorscapes, or Staithes), or scroll down to see the menu at the bottom of the page. Or if you like my style but you can’t find what you want, you can commission a painting.

Some paintings are on my walls but some are in galleries. If you are interested in buying one of them, please phone me on 01287 643030 to check availability. Thank you. If you are in the vicinity and would like to visit, my home studio in Loftus is open by appointment only.

Shipping costs vary according to the size of the painting and the destination. Custom duties and import tax vary according to your country, and are calculated at the border. For example in France, you may have to pay 40% of the declared value  whereas it seems there is no import duty to pay for original artworks in the USA.

9 thoughts on “Paintings for sale

  1. Hi Clothylde
    We thoroughly enjoyed Staithes Artfest (although the weather on Saturday morning was awful!) and it was great to put a face to the creator of our lovely paintings at last. Just couldn’t resist your ‘Staithes Beck’ and it now resides in our hall opposite ‘Bay Curves’. Again we are sure it will give us and our visitors a great deal of pleasure. We hope you had a very successful weekend and wish you good health for the future together with many more paintings to come. Very best wishes from Jean and John

    • Thank you John and Jean. I’m so glad you enjoyed Staithes Art Festival, and it was lovely to meet you at last.
      Do let me know when you come back to North Yorkshire.
      Best regards, Clothylde.

  2. Hi

    We are thrilled with the two paintings of Rosedale and Danby which give us much joy and look wonderful in our home. Many thanks Clothylde

  3. Really enjoyed visiting you today and love the three(!) paintings. Always come home with more than we intended, but it’s difficult not to get carried away with all your beautiful art. Jean x

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