Twelve Tulips.

An unexpected present at the beginning of January has been brightening and colouring my Winter. (I have lovely friends). The tulips arrived by post and flowered until March.
I couldn’t resist painting them, lined up on my kitchen windowsill… It was an inspired and inspiring gift!
I wondered whether to cut off the bulbs and plant them, but I loved seeing the whole plant. I assume they were grown hydroponically, as they arrived with flower buds and clean roots. So I put them in glass vases, and I put some diluted liquid feed in the bottom of the vase.
Now the faded petals are falling, so I have cut off the flowering stem and I’ll let the bulbs rest and dry. I’ll plant them in the garden so they can delight me again.
I put one in a clay pot, as I love that deep purple colour, so it doesn’t get lost in the garden.