Autumn 2023

I have been rather busy… A large commission (a quadriptych!) was finished last week and went to its new home today, an exhibition at The Station in Richmond in September came and went, and I’ve been designing a calendar for 2024 which should be ready in a couple of weeks. But for now, here is “Monk’s Trod”:

The wonderful Ilona knew and liked my artwork and wanted a large painting of the bluebells woods by the old monk’s trod in Glaisdale. This painting would capture the essence of the place, and would be a memorial to her mother, who loved to walk along that path. The small sized rooms, stairs and doorways of my little house stop me from working on very large canvases, so I suggested a triptych. It was Ilona’s idea to have four panels and to stagger them, and it worked very well (at least we both think so), with the path linking the four canvases together. It has been quite thrilling to work on such a big piece, for nearly three months. My newly insulated and refurbished attic studio feels empty now, the easels standing like suddenly denuded trees. But it won’t be empty for long, as I have a couple of other commissions to paint…

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