The easiest way to buy a painting is by going to a gallery!

If you want a painting which is not in a gallery, or if you live too far from Yorkshire, you can leave a comment here, message me through Facebook, or phone 01287 643030 in the afternoon or evening.

I can send paintings worldwide. Canvases are usually unframed, and easy to post, but please note that watercolours should be framed under glass. If you want a watercolour by post, I can send it unframed. If sent framed, glass could break in transit and damage the surface of the painting. Payment can be done through Paypal. Thank you.

(now sold)

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  1. Hi Clothylde, Hope you had a good Christmas and happy new year! I wonder if you still have your big painting of the oak in snow? I have just about saved enough for it now and am hoping that you have mot sold it? Please let me know.

    Best regards, Jane Dance

    • Happy New Year Jane!
      And yes, it is still in my house. I think I have your email, so I’ll email you. If I’ve lost it, please phone 01287 643030.
      Thank you! That’s a brilliant start to 2013 for me.
      Best Regards,

  2. Visited the craft shop in loft us today where I bought a number of your cards, lamp, pottery you name it! What brilliant pictures. Love them. I wish I had the space to buy some large ones but sadly the walls are full. I will however get the little cards framed so I have smaller versions. Really do love your work. Just viewed your website. Colours are amazing. Beautiful. Inspiring.

    • Thank you Jackie, it’s very kind of you to say so. And yes, Wold Pottery in Loftus is full of wonderful art and crafts. Do get in touch if you build an extension on your house and have more wall space!

  3. Hi
    I was looking at your website. The picture that comes up on your home page looking out to Ravenscar from Fylingdales with Partridge nest farm in view is amazing. Is it for sale still? Do you sell prints?
    Best wishes Kate

    • Hi Kate,
      sorry, this painting has been sold.
      Yes, I sometimes do limited edition prints of my work, but I’m not sure I have a good enough photograph of this one.
      Thanks for your interest.

  4. Dear Clothylde,
    we have just returned from Robin Hoods Bay where I’ve seen your work in Swell. I fell in love with your paintings immediately, they are absolutely amazing to me. Was wondering where I can purchase some cards till I save up for one of your paintings.

    Best regards

    • Thanks Ivana, that’s very kind.
      If you’re still in North Yorkshire, you can find some of my cards at Coast gallery, Cloughton; Wave gallery, RHBay; Trattles&Geall’s, Whitby; Geall’s gallery, Grosmont; Runcible Spoon, Hinderwell; Wold pottery, Loftus. If you’re nearby this weekend, come and see the whole range in Loftus: open studio on 19 & 20 July 2014.

  5. Clothylde,

    Many thanks for your time yesterday; it’s a worryingly small world, isn’t it? (Or should that be a reassuringly small world…….?)

    Helen has a meeting at Whitby next Wednesday morning, whilst I console myself with a dentists’ appointment. If you are still around by then, and had time for a chat, I could bus it up to Whitby straight afterwards, and we could drive up to yours by early afternoon. If that’s any good, could you get back to me, please? I’ll still give you a ring on Tuesday afternoon/evening to confirm that you’ll be available, though.

  6. I would like to buy the painting “Purple Moors”. Could you get back in touch with me by email? Alternatively, I left a message on your Guisborough number yesterday with my phone number.

  7. Hi I am from Yorkshire born and raised in Middlesbrough. Have lived in the USA for 35 years and three years in Iran before that. I buy British Art at auction over here in the States from an Auction House in GA. Mainly I buy Art over 100 years old but do buy other Art that I like. Do you post your Art with your sell price listed, for ref. I am very familiar with all subject areas and used to ride my bike when I was a kid from the “Boro” to as far as Scarborough along the coast road, then back home over the Moor Road. I am 77 years old and still miss those rides. Love you use of bright colors. PS. I am a Photographer and my American wife is an Artist. We retired from Chicago to Arizona, and live in the White Mountains 6500ft ASL. Regards Mac Dixon

  8. Thank you Mac.
    Some parts of North Yorkshire haven’t changed much. Or rather they change constantly with the light and the seasons, but I always find beauty within those landscapes.
    Yes, work for sale is usually priced (in £Sterling), click on an image in the “Landscapes” section to see the caption. Prices do not include postage.
    I don’t have time to update the website as the moment so best to get in touch again if you see one you like, to find if it is still for sale.
    Thanks again for your comment.

  9. Hi there,
    As I save up for one of your wonderful larger works I have a question for you. Many years ago when I was seventeen I spent a fortnight or so on an exchange trip in Ontario. On one of the days we visited the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg, where, even as a 17-year old, I instantly fell in love with the works of the Group of Seven. I can see some similarities in your ‘colour boldness’ and style. Are you familiar with their work?


    • I spent a summer in Ontario when I was 15 (a very long time ago), but was unaware of the Group of Seven until I saw your message and looked them up. I really like what I’ve seen! Thank you.

  10. Hi Clothylde,

    I am just enquirying about a painting that I know you have already sold! My parents live in Ghyll View and therefore we all love the painting you did of Ghyll View and the colours of the Oils you used. I presume all your paintings are unique but what is the possibility of doing a similar painting and how much would it cost? Many thanks, Ruth & Daryl

  11. Dear Ruth and Daryl, the painting will be with you soon, so you can have that special place on your wall, as it is in your hearts. It was a pleasure to paint.
    Thank you for liking my work. Best wishes, Clothylde.

  12. Hello Clothylde
    I bought one of your mugs of Robin Hoods Bay during the Open Studios of 2013. I have loved using it but unfortunately I have recently broken it and I wondered whether these mugs are still available and if so where I can buy one. I live in York.
    Thanks for your time.

  13. Hello my name is Toni Fields and there is an estate sale near me selling what I believe to be some of your prints or in color sketches. I need to verify that it is yours do you ever sign your work as CW Vergnes. A quick response would be appreciated!


  14. Hello Clothylde,
    (…) and absolutely love your work(I found some cards in Helmsley of trees). I would love to see your work and being new to the area I am not sure which galleries to go to or whether it is possible to visit you?

  15. Hi Clothylde,
    I’ve just discovered your artwork and love it!
    Could you please let me know about your 2018 calendar
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    • Hi Jean,
      Thank you for your kind comment!
      The ” In and Around Loftus” 2018 calendar (featuring my paintings and produced by Wold Pottery), is A4 size.
      The cost is £10 (+Postage: £1.58 2nd class, or £1.74 1st class mail in the UK).
      It is available from Wold Pottery, 79 High Street, Loftus, TS13 4HG. Open Wednesday to Saturday.
      Phone: 01287 640100, or email:

  16. Hi Clo,
    Can I order 3 calendars please, if they’re still available.
    Love your art. Hope to see you in the summer place!

  17. Hi Clothylde.
    A friend gave me a card for Xmas which was Heather Moors – I loved it so much I have gone onto your website. The original paintings are a bit too expensive for me at the moment but I wondered if you had prints of Heather Moor and some of your calendar .
    Kind regards

    • Hi Linda, sorry, but I’ve run out of calendars… I only do a limited edition of 100 or 150 every year, and I usually run out by early December.
      Re prints, I’ve emailed you.
      Thank you for liking my work. Happy New Year!

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