I’ve been reworking this painting. It was shown at Staithes art festival last year, but I felt it needed something so it waited patiently on my wall, instead of going to a gallery. In between commissions, I took the time to rework the sky and its reflection. Et voila.

Sea and Sky

May is probably the most flowered month in England. I hope you have found time to walk in the woods, bluebells and wild garlic have been wonderful. Here are two recent paintings.

My latest one, Sandsend. Started last month, interrupted while I flew to the South of France to see my father and brothers. Now I’m back, and the painting is finished.

This is my latest commission, Loftus Bluebell Woods, oil on stretched canvas, 50x70cm. Soon to be sent accross the big pond…
PS. 29 May. This painting is now in Canada.

In February, wanting to hibernate, I have been sitting quietly with watercolours and my smallest brushes. And then setting these paintings in pendants. Yes, an original painting you can wear! Sizes from 25mm to 30mm. The first few are now in Wold Pottery gallery, Loftus.

in Wold Pottery, Loftus.

There is a list of the pendants on Facebook, if you want to have a look…
Clothylde Vergnes on Facebook
And now I shall pick up bigger brushes, for I have new commissions to paint: Loftus Bluebell Woods, and Hummersea, for the walls of a condo in Florida…

As the old year ended, I finished my Autumn painting, and Malcolm Burn passed away. He was my art tutor in Scarborough over 25 years ago, and we had kept in touch. Aged 90, he was still giving encouragement, support and constructive criticism to his old students. I miss him, but I am glad I knew him.
(PS. This painting is currently exhibited in Coast Gallery, Cloughton.)

Lythe Beck, near Grosmont, North Yorkshire. Down through a friend’s wood, to the little stream.
The first one was painted from memory.

No 1

The second looking at a photograph. (Mostly oak and ash, so not as orange as portrayed, but that’s artistic license…)

No 2

And the third informed by the second one.

No 3