Brigantia Exhibition at Harlow Carr.

Tomorrow, 28 April, is the first day of Brigantia’s art & craft exhibition at the Bath House, RHS Harlow Carr, in Harrogate. The exhibition runs until the 29th May. I will not be there, but some of my work will be, including this most recent watercolour. It is the first time that I have painted with watercolour on canvas, and I’ve enjoyed the process. My friend Ailsa gave me some tulip bulbs in my darkest winter, a gift of hope. I planted them after all hope was lost, but every year those strange tulips rise up in their fiery red. They talk to me of bleak winters underground, and of the surge of Spring, of love and friendship.

The simple joy of ink and watercolour.
I’m really enjoying my latest commission. It combines my local landscape, environmental concerns and renewable energy, and has drawn me back into fine lines and watercolours.

Sometimes one hopes for a commission, and then three come at once. (But I’m not complaining!)
This does mean that I will be very busy until the end of March, which is nice.

In February, wanting to hibernate, I have been sitting quietly with watercolours and my smallest brushes. And then setting these paintings in pendants. Yes, an original painting you can wear! Sizes from 25mm to 30mm. The first few are now in Wold Pottery gallery, Loftus.

in Wold Pottery, Loftus.

There is a list of the pendants on Facebook, if you want to have a look…
Clothylde Vergnes on Facebook
And now I shall pick up bigger brushes, for I have new commissions to paint: Loftus Bluebell Woods, and Hummersea, for the walls of a condo in Florida…

Staithes Festival

I’m busy preparing for Staithes Festival of Art and Heritage. There will be a preview on Friday evening 11th September, and the art festival is on Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th September, with over 100 artists exhibiting. More info here:  If you click on an image, it will give you the name of the artist, a short biography, and the address of the venue. Hope to see you there!

Here are some recent watercolours of Staithes.