KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASandsend. Mixed media (acrylics and oils), 50x70cm.

A few lines to tidy up, and then I think it’s finished. And when it is finished and dry, it will go to a gallery, and then maybe someone will see it and love it. I like galleries. The good ones provide a beautiful space for artists’ paintings, and friendly staff who know the artists and their work. But it’s not always easy. ArtsBank in Saltburn is closing down, and I went to collect my paintings from there at the weekend. It was a huge building, with hundreds of artworks from many artists, trying to bring art to Saltburn. It didn’t work, not enough people were buying art. Maybe it was too big. I like smaller galleries, and I hope they prosper.

NB. Meanwhile, someone I hadn’t seen for many years has found this website. So maybe this painting will not go to a gallery as there is someone who loves it already, someone in London who needs a bit of Yorkshire coast on their wall… wait and see…



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