Sold works

If you have bought one of these artworks, Thank you! By buying one, you have helped me to buy more canvases and paint, as well as food, and you have enabled me to pursue my passion for art. You’re wonderful. I use the finest quality artist’s paints, and I hope your painting will bring you joy and memories for decades to come.

Accidents happen. I can undertake repairs and alterations on my paintings. If you accidentally pierce the canvas or scratch the paper, the chances are that I can mend it. I even repaired a print, once. The buyer had got it at the birth of her first child, so it had sentimental value.

Things can change. Usually a painting in a gallery is a finished painting, but sometimes I rework them, because one can always improve. Someone once bought one of my paintings from a gallery. After a few weeks, he wished he could see the hills hidden by a group of trees… He approached me, and offered to pay for a reworking. So I picked up my virtual chainsaw, cut down some trees and pruned the others. It makes for a better, lighter painting. We are both pleased with the result.

Reworking of Staintondale for Dr G.