Skinningrove is a tiny village, North of Staithes, with a rich industrial heritage. It is now a quiet place, except on 5th November, Bonfire Night, when a large wooden sculpture constructed by volunteers is set alight on the sea shore. Each year a different theme is chosen. It is quite stunning.

There, beyond the pier, is one of the most wonderful beaches on this coast. Unusually for this area, reknowned for its cliffs and pebble shores, at Cattersty Sands the land slopes towards the sea. Soft green curves , running into sand dunes and wild flowers, easing into clean sand… The warm weather this weekend reminds me to show you the two paintings I started over a month ago, on a similar warm evening. The quiet majesty of Nature. Warmth, peace, water. Gratitude for being here, and now.

Skinningrove Sunset II. oil on canvas, 60x120cm.

Skinningrove Sunset. oil on canvas. 40x100cm

These paintings will be first exhibited at Staithes Art Festival, 6th to 8th September 2019.

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