The moors are awesome, vast spaces where one feels at the top of the world. Forbidding in winter, lying under their mantle of snow, I love them in August, cloaked in heather and ling.

£625. Currently in Inspired by gallery in Danby.
Sold. Danby. oil on canvas, 50x100cm. £625.
Hole of Horcum. oil on canvas, 24x30cm. £225.
Boulby Cliff Top. £425.

Sold. Glaisdale. 60x120cm.
 Danby Castle on the hillside, heather above.
Sold. Danby. oil on deep edge canvas, 50x100cm.
Sold. Rosedale III. oil on canvas, 40x100cm. £625 (Reserved for C.S. May 2020)
Rutmoor Beck II. £425.
Sold. RutMoor Beck. 8×20″. £425.
Sold. Westerdale. 8×20″. £325.
Sold. Red Orb. 8×20″. £225.
Sold. Moortop Sun Rays. oil. 8×20″. £325.
Sold. Freebrough Hill. oils on canvas. 8×24″. £125.
Sold. Rosedale II. oil on canvas, 50x100cm. £625.
Sold. Rosedale I. £325.
Sold. Westerdale. oil on canvas, 30x100cm. £575.
oil on canvas, 20x50cm. sold
acrylics on canvas, 20x50cm, £225
High Hamer. 30x80cm. £325. Sold.
Westerdale. 40x120cm. Sold.
Westerdale. sold.
Maybeck. 2012. oil on canvas, 50x70x4cm, £425.
Maybeck. oil on canvas, 50x70x4cm, £525.
Rosedale. oils on canvas. Currently in Coast gallery, Cloughton
Rosedale. oils on canvas. sold
Heather Moors. 20x28cm. (original is Sold.) Limited edition of 125 signed and numbered archival prints. in 12×16″ mount: £50. ready to fit in standard 12×16″ frame.
Rutmoor Beck. Acrylic inks on paper, topped with glass cabochon. 30mm. £42.

Prints from my moorscapes:

Moors II. Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered archival prints. £75.
Rosedale III. A4 Print. £12.50.
A4 Print. £12.50