Kinder Downfall.

I’ve just finished this one, and I’m rather pleased with it. I usually paint places I know, but this was painted as a commission, from a photograph.

DSC01664 (2)It was just a photograph, but I liked the distant hills and there was a story which came with the image, and I thought it would be a challenge. I started thinking about it in May, and by June had a black and white underpainting.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThen it was summer, North Yorkshire Open Studios, going back to my roots in the South of France, enjoying the sun, finishing another commission, making jam till I ran out of empty jam jars…  But the thinking/incubating time is a very precious time indeed, and seems to lead to better work.

KDThis is the finished piece. Oil on canvas, 30x90cm (12×36 inches).

My art tutor (from college over 20 years ago, but we have kept in touch) came to see me yesterday. He was keen to see what had happened to the striking black and white sketch. He was pleased. He said this may be one one of the paintings I’ll be remembered for. Praise indeed. (He doesn’t usually do praise, more constructive criticism, which is most useful).

I’ve really enjoyed painting commissions in the last year or two. They’ve been challenging, but rewarding, all different as the final image is a weaving of the patron’s ideas and mine. If you want to commission me for an oil painting, please give me 2 or 3 months. It seems to have worked so well for the last 2 commissioned oil paintings, and I don’t charge for the thinking/incubating time, just the painting time.

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