I’m so lucky…

Tomorrow is the start of the last weekend of the North Yorkshire Open Studio. (http://www.nyos.org.uk/Artist.aspx?id=115)

If a lot of people come round, it will be great. If they come round, it is because they are interested in art, and it’s great to talk about art and meet new people because I usually work on my own.

And if there are no visitors, then I will carry on painting Staithes. And if I finish it this weekend, then I can start on my new commissions! And it would be nice to have new work for the exhibition at the Coast Gallery in August. It is always quite exciting to start something new. A little bit daunting, due to the infinite possibilities, and the wish that it will be even better than before…

Staithes, painting in progress

Staithes, painting in progress

I feel very lucky.

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