Flowers are Nature’s jewels.

Hope. (Anthurium cutting). oil on bevelled canvas, 30x30cm. (12×12″). £425.
April Joy. Red and Yellow tulips. oil on 40x40cm deep edge canvas. £425.
March Flowers. gouache on wood panel. £425.
February Flowers. gouache on wood panel. £525. Now sold.

A mini-series of iris persica, the first flower to open in my garden after the snowdrops…

iris persica: £75. The march of Spring: £225. Bee-fly on iris: £125. Iris silverpoint: £50.
Poppies. £425.
Grape Vine oil on canvas, 40x100cm. £825
Lilies in evening sunlight. oils. 1mx1m (40×40″).£995.

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