I like commissions. They can be a bit daunting, but it is interesting to paint for a particular person rather than just for me. The result is something that comes not just from me, but from a combination of perceptions. Usually, people who commission me know my work and my style, so we’re already half way there. They do not expect either an abstract piece or a photo-realist work. Communication, as in many spheres of life, is the key to a successful result.
I ask people to tell me about their subject matter, preferred medium, preferred size, and their budget. Once the composition is agreed, I paint (an oil painting takes me about 4 to 6 weeks to complete), then email a photograph of the painting when finished for approval.

Commission prices vary from £225 for a watercolour (unframed), £425 to £3000 for an oil painting, depending on size and detail. (For instance an oil painting landscape 50x100cm, or 60x80cm, would be around £825, however the painting “Staithes from Cowbar”, see below, was 60x80cm, but cost £2000 because the details of all the cottages took a long time to paint).

Commissions from the last few years are shown below.

 In 2022, I was very pleased to be commissioned to do a series of watercolour illustrations for CPRE (the countryside charity), exploring the possibilities of green renewable energy in three locations: Loftus, Thornton-le-Dale, and Stillingfleet. Here is the link to see the Loftus document:

The link to the Thornton-le-Dale document:

And the link to the Stillingfleet document:

One of the artist impressions for the Loftus community vision document.

Robin Hood’s Bay. for Mr and Mrs H.
Over Ramsdale, revisited. for Mr and Mrs J.
for Mrs J.B.
Boulby Cliff. oils. for Mrs B.T., whose mother was born in Warren Cottages (on the hillside).
Boulby Cliff. oils, 40x80cm. for Mrs B.T.
Ravenscar. oil on canvas, 60x120cm. for H.G.
Sandsend Sunset. oil on canvas, 60x60cm. for H.G.
Hummersea Farm. 40x80cm. oils. for Mr T.H.
Staithes from Cowbar. oil on canvas, 60x80cm. for T.H.
Hummersea Beach. 2018. oil on canvas, 40x100cm. for Mr T.H.
“The Cut, Hummersea”. oil on canvas, 60x80cm. For Mr T.H.
Warren Cottages, 2018. for T.H.
Loftus Bluebells. 2018. for T.H.
for R.H.
Montagnac. oils. for Dr G.
Montagnac. for Dr G.
Reworking of Staintondale for Dr G.
Reworking of Staintondale for Dr G.
for V.C.
for V.C.
The Cut, Hummersea. for Mrs B.T.
The Cut, Hummersea. watercolour. for Mrs B.T.
Waveland, Chicago. For A.G.
Waveland, Chicago. watercolour. For A.G.
Staintondale. For Dr G.
Staintondale. oils. For Dr G.
Autumn blues. oils. For L.V.
Autumn blues. For L.V.
The Old Chapel. For A.P. & S.P.
The Old Chapel. For A.P. & S.P.

Ghyll View. oils. for D.&R.R.

From the Cleveland Hills. oils. for R.H.
From the Cleveland Hills. oils. for R.H.