South of France. My roots.
My maternal grandparents were a wonderful couple and raised a large family. Their house is a large house, so that it could accommodate children and grandchildren. My grandparents are no longer with us, but their spirit remains. The house is kept and maintained so that the family can spend holidays or host gatherings such as weddings or birthdays in the house. Last year we had a “cousinade”, hosted by my generation, and it was good to be there.
I have known that house and the view from it all my life, but painted the view this year for the first time.
NB.I have taken these paintings to France, as I thought members of my family may be interested to see them, and they will be there for a year.

Montagnac, vu de Mons. oil on linen, 20x50cm.

Montagnac, vu de Mons.
oil on linen, 20x50cm.

"A Mons en Mai" oil on linen, 30x60cm

“A Mons en Mai” oil on linen, 30x60cm

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