Boggle Hole Window.

My latest painting is a view of the garden through a window in Boggle Hole, North Yorkshire. Looking through my sketchbooks, I found a quick drawing from 2012. Painted from this sketch and memory, to remember wonderful summer days in years gone by… Now memory is a strange thing, I remembered the curtains were a pale lilac velvet, I remember a seamstress called Annie making them. But they looked wrong when I painted them lilac. So I asked my husband if he could remember the colour, and he said dark green. Of course! Now I remember. Lilac curtains were made about 4 decades ago. They were replaced by dark green later, but it was the first impression that had stayed with me. The green colour works much better…

Boggle Window. oil on deep edge canvas, 60x80cm (24×32″). Now Sold.

That tree seen through the window… I love that tree. I was painting that tree decades ago, when a little girl asked me if she could paint it. That led to a small watercolour, which led to a little story. When that little girl grew up and had her first child, I made the story into a book. Here is the link to see the book, you can click on the book to see inside pages. The book is available as a print-on-demand from Blurb :

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