I remember part of a song from my childhood, about a boy who longed to find a mermaid. Roughly translated:
“I think fishermen go to sea
to listen and hear the song
of the silky long-haired mermaid
and I think that she did sing for them…”
Those words came in my head at Port Mulgrave, standing on the shore on a late afternoon, and it inspired this little painting. It was started years ago with colour pencils, it was very soft and gentle. This is a recent reworking with transparent acrylic inks, a much bolder impact. But really it’s all about that song, and the feeling of being a child on a windy beach, evening, waves… There is magic in the sea, and there may be mermaids.
Mermaid. Acrylic inks over coloured pencils. 19x28cm.

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