Someone who likes my work has commissioned one of my larger landscape paintings. Leaving me free hand, he sent me a series of his photographs a couple of months ago, to give me some direction. I was inspired by his photographs to paint four seashores from which he will have first choice (next week when they are dry). I have really enjoyed painting sunsets.

For the last couple of years I have been specially attracted by water and light reflections. I think it started when an old lady with Alzheimer moved into my house. The painting below was painted during her stay in 2017. Darkly flowing water, distorted reflections, distorted memories…

Reflections (sold).

Looking back over the last year, I see that many of my paintings include flowing water. This Summer, with its warm evenings, has drawn me to beach sunsets. The warmth of the colours, the depth of the dark headlands, the beautiful reflected light… I am now working on a view from Cattersty Sands, Skinningrove.

July 2019

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