Bluebells at Eagles Creek. Memories of Skye. Bluebells seem darker than in Yorkshire, and the flowering season is very long there, they were still opening at the end of June. I love those trees. Lots of lichen too, which show the air is pure. And when you step out of the woods, there are those BIG skies, with ever changing clouds… (love Skye). I’ve been working on this between commissions. It does capture the feel of the little woods on EaglesCreek Croft. At one point I thought it was finished and I took the painting outside to photograph it. The sun suddenly came out and shone through leaves onto the painting. I realised then that was the effect I wanted, so it went back to the studio for some reworking. Serendipity, always love it.

Bluebells at Eagles Creek. oil on canvas, 50x70cm (approx 20×28″)

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