Today, Loftus lights up. No parking allowed on the market place today til 10pm, to make room for hot chestnuts and general jollity. There is a car park nearby (from market place: 1st right turn to North road, then 1st left turn after hardware shop).

November already! Here is my 2019 calendar.
A4, 250gsm paper, wire bound on the top edge.
Please let me know if you’d like one, so I can keep one for you. Thank you.

They are available directly from me and from Wold Pottery gallery, Loftus. £10 each.
They can be sent to you if you don’t live in this area.
Price including postage for 1st class post within the UK:
1 calendar= £12.50.
2 calendars= £25.
3 calendars= £35.
You can pay via Paypal, or by cheque. Please message me for details. Thank you.
Price including postage within Europe (pay via Paypal)
1 calendar = £14.
2 calendars= £25.
3 calendars= £36.
Price including postage to USA & Canada
1 calendar = £15.
2 calendars= £28.

My latest two paintings of Hummersea.
From Hummersea, there is a path down to the beach. A rough and steep and wonderfully overgrown path down the cliff, a series of of wooden steps, some rotted with age, and at the edge of the rock face, a metal ladder, now torn from its moorings, no longer touching the rocks below…
I may, when I feel brave enough, go back down to the beach…
Coast Gallery, Cloughton, sold 3 of my biggest paintings in the first week of my exhibition, so these paintings, fortunately just finished, will be an addition to the October show.
(you’ll know how I feel, thankful, blessed, priviledged, lucky… thankful mostly, to be able to do work I love doing.)

What I did in September… Staithes. This one is exhibited with a collection of recent paintings at Coast Gallery, Cloughton, throughout October.

Also taking part in the exhibition is the talented Caroline Riley. Here are photos of the exhibition.
My paintings.

PS.By 13 October, 3 have been sold, including the one on the right

Some of Caroline’s paintings.

I thought I’d be slowing down a bit after Staithes art fest, but I’m still busy, preparing for an exhibition at Coast Gallery, Cloughton, early October (I think Caroline Riley will be exhibiting at the same time, which is a bit daunting, as her paintings are so good! Truly exquisite). Also shipping the latest commission, keeping fingers crossed that it travels safely, waiting to hear if I have one more commission for Canada, starting a new painting, sketching more ideas, forgetting to keep my fingers crossed…and taking photographs of this year’s paintings, like this one: Sandsend Sunset.

Sandsend Sunset, oil on stretched canvas, 60x80cm.

Busy days, and nights, in the studio. Staithes art festival is only 4 weeks away (8th & 9th September). I’m giving priorities to my commissions (at the moment a detailed painting of Staithes which I estimate will take 200 hours) Monday to Friday, then I paint something different on weekends.

Bluebells at Eagles Creek. Memories of Skye. Bluebells seem darker than in Yorkshire, and the flowering season is very long there, they were still opening at the end of June. I love those trees. Lots of lichen too, which show the air is pure. And when you step out of the woods, there are those BIG skies, with ever changing clouds… (love Skye). I’ve been working on this between commissions. It does capture the feel of the little woods on EaglesCreek Croft. At one point I thought it was finished and I took the painting outside to photograph it. The sun suddenly came out and shone through leaves onto the painting. I realised then that was the effect I wanted, so it went back to the studio for some reworking. Serendipity, always love it.

Bluebells at Eagles Creek. oil on canvas, 50x70cm (approx 20×28″)