Can you tell what I’ve been doing?

It starts like this:

And then this:

A few ink lines, then watercolour, watercolour varnish, two coats of UV varnish, top with a glass cabochon, and insert in setting…

Et voila.

12mm to 30mm. Brooches, clips, keyrings… How will you wear yours?
30mm pendants with chain

An original painting, in a pendant. Some of these will be at Danby Moors Centre “Inspired by…” gallery, as part of the Brigantia exhibition from 16 November 2019 to the end of January 2020, and at Whitby Winterfest (Whitby Spa Pavilion) on 30 November & 1 December 2019.

My new paintings in Coast Gallery, Cloughton, November 2019. Please note that the gallery is closed this week. It reopens on Friday 8 November. Opening times in November: 11am to 4pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays.


I remember part of a song from my childhood, about a boy who longed to find a mermaid. Roughly translated:
“I think fishermen go to sea
to listen and hear the song
of the silky long-haired mermaid
and I think that she did sing for them…”
Those words came in my head at Port Mulgrave, standing on the shore on a late afternoon, and it inspired this little painting. It was started years ago with colour pencils, it was very soft and gentle. This is a recent reworking with transparent acrylic inks, a much bolder impact. But really it’s all about that song, and the feeling of being a child on a windy beach, evening, waves… There is magic in the sea, and there may be mermaids.
Mermaid. Acrylic inks over coloured pencils. 19x28cm.

Calendar 2020

There may be postal strikes in November and December… If you would like one (or more) of my calendars posted to you, it might be a good idea to order now. The 2020 A4 calendar features my recent paintings of river and sea, from Whitby to Skinningrove. Printed in Yorkshire on 250gsm paper, it has 12 pages (plus front and back covers) and it measures 21 x29.7cm. I hope that you like it and that it will remind you of our wonderful North Yorkshire all year long.
Please message me if you’d like one. You can leave a message by clicking “Leave a Reply” below, email, or phone 01287 643030.
Price including postage within the UK:
1 calendar= £12.50
2 calendars=£22.50
3 calendars=£33.50

(front of calendar)
(back of calendar, showing all paintings)
(page for January)

I’ve been laid low by a nasty bug since Staithes Art Fest, but now slowly recovering, even if my brain still feels packed full of cotton wool. Maybe a touch of Automnal Equinox blues thrown in the mix? Yet I love Autumn and its soft glory.
To celebrate it, here is a new print of my painting of Loftus Woods.

Loftus Woods. A4 print, to fit any standard A4 frame, £12.50. (£15 including postage within the UK).


Thank you for visiting my website. This home page is a blog where you can see my recent paintings, exhibitions, and musings. I hope you share my love of North Yorkshire, its coast, woodlands and moors. However, now is not the time to visit. Please stay at home (there has never been an easier way to save lives). You can browse here safely. There is no “buy now” button. No pressure. But if you really like something you see here, please contact me. I can offer 20% off original paintings to all key workers, or 25% off to all health workers, from cleaners to surgeons. (Please note all deliveries are subject to delays, but you can reserve now. Thank you.)

This one can’t stop painting…

I should be preparing for Staithes Art Fest, but my brushes won’t be put down. After the large paintings I did earlier this summer, I turned back to smaller canvases, some may be dry for Staithes weekend…

Moortop SunRays. 8×20″
Freebrough Hill. 8×24″
Red Orb. 8×20″
Westerdale. 8×20″
Rutmoor beck. 8×20″


Skinningrove is a tiny village, North of Staithes, with a rich industrial heritage. It is now a quiet place, except on 5th November, Bonfire Night, when a large wooden sculpture constructed by volunteers is set alight on the sea shore. Each year a different theme is chosen. It is quite stunning.

There, beyond the pier, is one of the most wonderful beaches on this coast. Unusually for this area, reknowned for its cliffs and pebble shores, at Cattersty Sands the land slopes towards the sea. Soft green curves , running into sand dunes and wild flowers, easing into clean sand… The warm weather this weekend reminds me to show you the two paintings I started over a month ago, on a similar warm evening. The quiet majesty of Nature. Warmth, peace, water. Gratitude for being here, and now.

Skinningrove Sunset II. oil on canvas, 60x120cm.

Skinningrove Sunset. oil on canvas. 40x100cm

These paintings will be first exhibited at Staithes Art Festival, 6th to 8th September 2019.

If you are in North Yorkshire, I will be taking part in Staithes Art Festival, 6th to 8th September 2019. I will be in Cottage 4a, Northside, near the Lifeboat, exhibiting with the excellent glass artist Ailsa Nicholson. I hope you can be there. Parking is at the top of the village. There will be a free taxi shuttle from the Athletics Club and the War Memorial between 8pm and 10pm on Friday and Saturday evenings (preview Friday from 7pm til 10pm, do drop in!) and between 10am and 5.30pm on Sat & Sunday. You can read more about the festival and the hundred artists taking part here:

(and this year, one of my paintings was chosen for the brochure cover!)