If you bought one of my paintings this year, thank you!
I’ve prepared a limited edition surprise for you, so please tell me which painting you bought, message me your postal address, and I will post it to you.

If you would prefer not to give me your address, just tell me the title of the painting and your name, and I could leave your gift in the gallery where you bought the painting.

Please let me know by 1st December. Again, thank you!

Rosedale has a rich historical and industrial past, the remains of which are not ugly scars on the landscape but rather add to its majestic beauty. There are traces from the Iron Age, medieval records of ironstone industry from the 12/13th century, the remains of a priory, through to French glass makers in the late 16th century, the Rosedale branch of the North Eastern Railway, completed in 1861, and the single track to the East mines in 1865. The decline in ironstone production led to the closure of the mines by 1926, and the end of the railway line by 1929… In August the moors are clothed in a cloak of purple heather…These paintings are currently exhibited in Coast Gallery, Cloughton.

One of Rosedale’s rounded hills, the result of geological processes and erosion.

The trace of the East branch of the old railway line, with the remains of a brick built water tank.

Chimney Bank, possibly the steepest road in England? Showing the old kilns at the top, And White Horse Farm Pub below. NB. Now sold.

And here is the latest one, nearly dry.

Nothing new to show yet, as I’m currently working on 3 new paintings of Rosedale. It takes me about a month to finish a painting, working in oil paint, in layers so the colours don’t get muddied… So here’s one from a few years ago.

I’ve loved being on Sandsend beach this summer…

Loftus has been good too. Paul Miller told me about a poppy field he could see from across the valley, and he sent me a photo so I could find it. His photograph inspired this painting (now sold), a visit to the field, and more paintings of poppies…

Thank you to all who came to see Ailsa and me (and all the other artists!) at Staithes Art Festival. As always there was a very good atmosphere, hundreds of artists and thousands of art lovers, mostly sunny, with a few showers only to give us stunning rainbows. The volunteers who organise the festival deserve great praise.

Staithes Art Festival is happening this weekend. I’m sharing a space with Ailsa Nicholson, a fabulous fused glass artist and a very good friend. If you’re in North Yorkshire, do pop in.



Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage is next weekend. Over 100 artists and their work, lots of food stalls, light shows and more. I’ll be in Cottage 4a, near the footbridge, on the way to the lifeboat, with the wonderful Ailsa Nicholson and her fabulous glass work. Preview is Friday 8 September, 7pm to 8.30pm. The festival goes on all weekend Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September. Artists venues are open from 10am til 5.30pm, or later.
This is one of the paintings I’ll be showing, if it dries by next weekend. It was finished weeks ago, but slow drying oil paint dries, as you might expect, rather slowly…

Poppy Field II. Oil on canvas, 100x120cm.

The second painting of Whitby seen from Sandsend is the view from Lythe bank, that steep and twisting road. I’m hoping a third painting of Whitby from Sandsend will be finished for Staithes Art Festival. I’m working on it…

There was a magnificent field of red poppies near Loftus this year. Someone who could see it from their farm told me about it, knowing I would be interested… I love it. I think this is the first time I’ve used red as a pure colour in an oil painting. It will be exhibited at Staithes Art Festival (8 to 10 September 2017).
PS. This painting was sold at Staithes Festival. (I am so lucky that some people collect my work even when their walls are full. Thank you, J&J!)