Here is my latest. It took rather longer than I’d planned, but then my paintings often do…
PS. Someone who knows RHBay, but now lives in Canada, loves this one. I’ll keep it for her til her visit in June, as I think it’s best to see a painting for real before you buy.
PS. June 2017. She came, saw it and liked it. Soon to be on her wall in Canada!

Clitherbeck is a painting which I have recently reworked. The top picture is the original acrylic painting, the lower one is after reworking in oil paints. I have lightened it all over. I do like dark shades, but (possibly because I’ve recently taken in an old lady with Alzheimer and mobility problem_ yes, I thought my life was simply too easy and wonderful), I find myself going lighter. Fighting the dark with Light.

I’ve been reworking my painting of Hummersea Beach. This is the beach closest to me, no golden sand, but interesting as alum industry once made this area a very busy place. Erosion has taken buildings which once stood on the cliff, but some of their back walls can still be seen embedded in the rock face. The dark side of things does appeal to me, but unless very well lit the details in the shadows were lost. So I lightened up. It’s Spring time.

Hummersea Beach. oils on block canvas. 40x100cm (approx 16×39″)

Robin Hood’s Bay is on my mind and in my eyes. This is my new painting, again from the South, just a bit further towards Ravenscar. (now in Dr G’s private collection.)

Robin Hood’s Bay. oil on block canvas, 90x90cm (approx 35×35″) Sold

This week I’ve been mostly reworking a painting of Staithes from a few years ago. There was something I wasn’t happy with. So I changed some colours and took out one of the cottages…

My latest painting is about remembering late Summer, a view of Robin Hood’s Bay from the South, between Stoupe Beck and Ravenscar.
PS. 8 May 2017. This went to Coast Gallery in Cloughton, and was sold a few days later.

Robin Hood’s Bay

Rosedale. oil on canvas. 50x100cm (approx 20×40″)Now sold

“Rosedale”. My latest, finished at last, is now exhibited in Coast Gallery, Cloughton. This gallery is now open again, after their annual refurbishment. Lots of new work to see!
PS. This is now sold.


I’m sorry to hear that Trattles & Geall’s Fine Art Gallery will be closing at the end of March. It is a lovely old building, near the foot of the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey, with gallery space on 3 floors. If you are in or near Whitby, go and have a look. This painting of Westerdale is currently exhibited there. PS. June 2017. The painting went to Coast Gallery and is now sold.

Angel over North Yorkshire

Angel over North Yorkshire

I hope you all had a good Christmas, with love, food and shelter.
I heard today that “from Danby Beacon” was sold through Coast Gallery a few days ago. This is very good news for me, on the first day of the year.
Thank you to the person who bought it, and to all those who bought my cards and paintings throughout the year, thank you to the galleries who display my work and those who organise exhibitions, thank you for all your positive comments.
I feel very priviledged, and very grateful.
Happy New Year!
From Danby Beacon

From Danby Beacon