You can see most of my work on FaceBook,           It’s a public page, so you don’t need to log in. Click onto “photos” to see my paintings. They are in folders according to subject (eg landscapes, illustrations) and galleries (eg Paintings in Geall’s gallery). I hope you’ll like them.

And if you’re in Yorkshire, you can see some of my work in galleries:

in 2016: Exhibiting in the above galleries, Also at Whitby Art Fair (Whitby Spa Pavillion, 25 & 26 June), and at Staithes Art Festival (9, 10 &11 September)

in 2015: Exhibiting in the above galleries and at Staithes Art Festival 2015.

in 2014:”Featured Artist” in Blandscliff Gallery ( from 21 June til 27 August 2014, with an exhibition of my landscape paintings, depicting the places I love between Staithes and Scarborough.  Whitby Arts Trail, 19 & 20 July.  Staithes Art Festival 12 to 14 September, from Cowbar, Staithes.

Thank you to all those of you who visited me during previous Open Studios.


Below are some examples of my work.

Landscapes for sale

These paintings are for sale. Some are on my walls but many are in galleries. If you are interested in buying one of them, please phone me on 01287 643030 to check availablity, or email Thank you.

71 Photos

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  1. Hi Clothylde. Nice to see your website. We (Noelle and I) have visited your house twice and bought some of your work. Would you be interested in doing a commission for us?


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